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Guto Araujo posted Work Experience

The Independent has a work experience placement to offer within our online commercial team. The right candidate should have a thorough understanding of the internet and of online social networking e.g. Facebook, Twitter, blogging etc. Candidates will work with live and upcoming commercial projects, with the opportunity to contribute to the Music Magazine and Student channels. An aptitude for research into new online functionalities, virals and a... [read more]

Zoe Smith: Can I apply? ;-)
Guto Araujo: off course not :P
alfiec: Thanks for this nice info, it's so useful for me. - johnnie walker whiskey

Tue, Jun 5 at 1:09AM (3 comments)

So veteran journalist and all-round nice guy Jon Snow reckons that us hacks have never had it so good. In a article, the C4 News presenter outlines his vision for a more democratic future for news, and his conclusion is an optimistic, which is interesting given the fact that jobs are being cut left, right and centre. Certainly his speech reads like an inspiring one and it's great to see an 'old-school' journalist embracing the po... [read more]

Mon, Jun 22 at 9:31AM (0 comments)

Zoe Smith posted Digital Media Innovators?

What do you think about the title? Digital is a bit of a scary term for many people. It does conjure up images of geeks in the corner but I couldn't the phrase 'new media' seems a bit old to me. Was also tempted to call in Digital Media Entrepreneurs, with reference for the new culture of journalism that's being cultivated in journalism departments at American universities. However Martin reckoned they were all snake oil salesmen... so I ditched ... [read more]

Wed, Jun 10 at 1:55PM (0 comments)

Zoe Smith posted Welcome

Finally, almost two years since our first event , we have an online presence! It's fairly minimal but it'll enable me to post all details about forthcoming sessions plus now you can get in touch with each other without using Facebook. What do you think?

Wed, Jun 10 at 1:50PM (0 comments)